Sale of Sites in Puerto Calero
Invest in your dream.

Have you have ever dreamt of your ideal home but don’t know where to build it? Puerto Calero has the perfect conditions to make your dream come true

  • Residential sites
    • Sites from 670 to 1200 m² to build the house in the style you want. Invest in your dream.
    • Design the house of your dreams in Puerto Calero. Choose the architectural style, the materials and how you want your home to be.
    • Puerto Calero also offers you the services of three professional and experienced architects, to advise you on your project.
  • Commercial sites
    • Sites from 1500 to 9650 m² with buildable areas from 500 to 9650 m² for supply and service centres.
    • The location, easy access, proximity to the port, many green areas, and the constant and balanced development of the area ensure the profitability of your investment.